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  The Malarkey, Published in 2012, by Bloodaxe Books Pages: 72 ISBN:1852249404
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'The malarkey is over in the back of the car... As soon as you turn your back, time slips.' The humdrum present has become the precious, irrecoverable past. The ways in which the present longs for the past, questions it, tries to get in touch with it and stretches the power of memory to its limits, are central to this new collection by Helen Dunmore. Joseph Severn recalls Keats hurling a bad dinner out onto the steps of the Piazza di Spagna; the glamour of John Donne's portrait 'taken in shadows' seduces a new generation; the dead assert their right to walk through the imaginations of the living... These are poems and stories of loss and extraordinary rediscovery. The Malarkey is Helen Dunmore's first poetry book since Glad of These Times (2007) and Out of the Blue: Poems 1975-2001 (2001), a comprehensive selection drawing on seven previous collections. It brings together poems of great lyricism, feeling and artistry.


  Glad of These Times, Published in 2007, by Bloodaxe Books Pages: 64 ISBN:1852247584
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The jacket shows Window with Distant Sea (oil on canvas) by Felicity Mara. To visit the artist's website, click here.


Glad of These Times' is full of haunting, joyous and wry narratives. These new poems explore the fleetingness of life, its sweetness and intensity, the short time we have on earth and the pleasures of the earth, and death as the frame which sharpens everything and gives it shape. "Glad of These Times" is Helen Dunmore's first poetry book since "Out of the Blue: Poems 1975-2001", a comprehensive selection drawing on seven previous collections. It brings together poems of great lyricism, feeling and artistry.


Out of the Blue, New & Selected Poems
published in 2001,
by Bloodaxe Books
ISBN 185224576X
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Out of the Blue is a 250 page volume which contains all the poems I wanted to collect from earlier, now out-of-print poetry collections all published by Bloodaxe Books. These earlier collections are still available from second-hand bookshops and online booksellers, although some are now hard to find and consequently expensive to buy. They are:
published in 1997
by Bloodaxe Books
ISBN 1852244011
(Poetry Book Society Recommendation,
Shortlisted for the T S Eliot Prize)
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Recovering a Body
published in 1994,
by Bloodaxe Books
ISBN 1852242892
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Short Days, Long Nights, New & Selected Poems
published in 1991,
by Bloodaxe Books
ISBN 1852241500
(Poetry Book Society Recommendation)
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The Raw Garden,
published in 1988,
by Bloodaxe Books
ISBN 1852240741
(Poetry Book Society Choice)
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The Sea Skater
published in 1986
by Bloodaxe Books
ISBN 1852240067
(winner of The Poetry Society’s Alice Hunt Bartlett Award)
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The Apple Fall
published in 1983,
by Bloodaxe Books,
ISBN 0906427436
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Bouncing Boy
with wood engravings by Ros Cuthbert,
published in 1999
by Yellow Fox Press
ISBN 0952473437
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A selection of my poems is published in:

Penguin Modern Poets 12, Helen Dunmore, Jo Shapcott and Matthew Sweeney
published in 1997,
by Penguin
ISBN 0140587969
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