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Foreword to Poems of Solitude by Emily Brontë,
2004 Hesperus Press,
ISBN 1843911035
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  Foreword to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
2003 Hesperus Press 2003,
ISBN 1843910705
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Foreword to The Popular Girl, Stories by F Scott Fitzgerald,
2005 Hesperus Press,
ISBN 1843914034
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         Foreword to Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell: Remembering St Ives,
by Marion Dell and Marion Whybrow
2004 Tabb House Originals
ISBN 0953407918
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Virginia Woolf and her relationships with women,
by Helen Dunmore, critical article published in
The Charleston Magazine 23
(Spring/Summer 2001, 5-14)   
The Fox / The Captain's Doll / The Ladybird,
edited by Dieter Mehl with an Introduction by Helen Dunmore,
June 2006,
Penguin Classics
ISBN 0141441836
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'She was his heaven and his hell on earth, and he would have none elsewhere.'

These three novellas show D H Lawrence's brilliant and insightful evocation of human relationships - both tender and cruel - and the devastating results of war.

In her Introduction, Helen Dunmore discusses the profound effect the First World War had on Lawrence's writing. Using the restored texts of the Cambridge edition, this volume includes a new chronology and further reading by Paul Poplowski.

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