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Helen Dunmore
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Burning Bright
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Published in 1994,
by  Penguin
ISBN 0140173579

Nadine, a sixteen-year-old runaway new to the city, is set up in a decaying Georgian house by her Finnish lover, Kai. Slowly she begins to suspect that Kai’s plans for her have nothing to do with love. ‘Be careful,’ warns Enid, a sitting tenant in the house, who know all about survival. When Nadine discovers that Kai intends to rent her out to a government minister with special tastes, Enid’s warning take on a prophetic quality.

The Lie
The Greatcoat
The Betrayal
Counting the Stars
House of Orphans
Mourning Ruby
The Siege
With Your Crooked Heart
Your Blue-Eyed Boy
Talking to the Dead
A Spell of Winter
Burning Bright
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Zennor in Darkness
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