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Helen Dunmore
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Talking to the Dead
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published in 1996,
by Penguin
ISBN 0140258256

Bound together in childhood by the sudden death of their baby brother, Isabel and Nina know too much about each other. Now Isabel is married to Richard and pregnant with her first child, while Nina is building a career as a photographer. But the facade of successful, separate existences begins to crumble after the birth of Isabel’s child, and this time the sisters’ shared knowledge could destroy their adult lives. When Nina embarks on an affair with Isabel’s husband, the past is suddenly alight and dangerous. The drama which begins to unfold in Isabel’s isolated farmhouse during the hottest summer for decades is as unpredictable as it is terrifying.

The Lie
The Greatcoat
The Betrayal
Counting the Stars
House of Orphans
Mourning Ruby
The Siege
With Your Crooked Heart
Your Blue-Eyed Boy
Talking to the Dead
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A Spell of Winter
Burning Bright
Zennor in Darkness
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