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‘A beautiful and inspired novel.’
(John Le Carré)

‘Helen Dunmore writes with the careful hand of a poet. Her touch is subtle, delicate; like any good poet she lets her images speak for themselves. The opening scene of three girls laughing as they slip down the warm sand dunes will haunt us as we read of soldiers drowning in mud. The contrast between her descriptions of Cornwall, with its foxgloves and young carrots rooting in the ‘granite wilderness’, and the fields of battle stripped of all life shows us the obscenity of war more than any of Lawrence’s prophetic words.’
(New Statesman)

‘From the very first page of Zennor in Darkness, award-winning poet and children’s novelist Helen Dunmore mesmerises you with her magical pen ... Historical facts concerning Lawrence and his eventual expulsion from Zennor by military order are superbly incorporated into an imaginary First World War story which, one can be sure, took place in real life with some similar characters across the South-West Peninsula.’
(Val Hennessy, Daily Mail)
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Zennor in Darkness
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