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A Spell of Winter / Reviews
'An intensely gripping book ... written so seductively that some passages sing out from the page, like music for the eyes.'
(Penny Perrick, Sunday Times)

'A marvellous novel about forbidden passions and the terrible consequences of thwarted love ... Dunmore is one of the finest English writers.'
(Val Hennessy, Daily Mail)

'A hugely involving story which often stops you in your tracks with the beauty of its writing.'
(Carol McDaid, The Observer)

'An electrifying and original talent, a writer whose style is characterised by a lyrical, dreamy intensity.'
(Marianne Brace, Guardian)
The Lie
The Greatcoat
The Betrayal
Counting the Stars
House of Orphans
Mourning Ruby
The Siege
With Your Crooked Heart
Your Blue-Eyed Boy
Talking to the Dead
A Spell of Winter
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Burning Bright
Zennor in Darkness
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