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The Lie
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"Helen Dunmore...is a poet as well as a novelist, who is celebrated for her delicate language and acute observations. The Lie is no exception. This really is an expert novel." (Sunday Times)

"The bar for book of the year is set sky high by this heart wrenching tale. Daniel has survived the WWI trenches, but returns to Cornwall to find his family gone and home lost. He moves in with a childhood friend, but gets caught up in a lie that has terrible consequences. Tender, touching and totally absorbing." (Sunday Mirror)

"'Never striking a false note, The Lie is one of those rare and arresting novels that make you think and feel with greater lucidity." (Daily Telegraph)

"Distinguished by the sensual, compact intensity of Dunmore's prose, The Lie lays bare on its local canvas the invisible wounds of a global catastrophe." (Independent)

"Helen Dunmore's two resources are imagination and research. She's strong on both counts...Dunmore's is a very good novel. 2014 is a very good year to read it." (The Times)

"Helen Dunmore has a talent for gently pulling the reader into the heads of her characters. She writes with a light but sure touch that makes you see through their eyes, smell through their nose...Visceral and elegantly plotted." (Daily Mail)

"The writing, even at its most harrowing, is suffused with poetry and evocative description. 'They say the war's over, but they're wrong. It went too deep for that.' THE LIE is a heart-wrenching portrait of psychological crucifixion." (Literary Review)


The Lie
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