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‘Dunmore has created two of the most intriguing sisters in recent literary memory.’
(Anita Shreve)

‘Talking to the Dead flies off the page, startling the reader with its brilliance.’
(Joan Smith, The Financial Times)

‘The landscape of Dunmore’s sensuous emotional thriller is almost Chekhovian at times, but she weaves in her own, unnerving sense of panic and rage.’
(Julie Myerson, The Mail on Sunday)

In her delicate, sensual prose, full of the scents and tastes of summer, Dunmore creates a poisoned idyll ... With exquisite finesse she anatomises the deadly complicity between Nina and Isabel - their bond of love and jealousy and intimacy and betrayal, almost too tightly knotted to unravel.’
(Jane Shilling, The Sunday Telegraph)

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Talking to the Dead
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