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Childrens books
The Lilac Tree
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(first published as Zillah and Me)
published in 2004,
by Scholastic
ISBN 0439977673

This is the first of three books about the life and adventures of Katie and her friend Zillah. Katie moves down from London to Cornwall with her Mum, to live in a small cottage which belongs to Mum’s old school friend, Zillah’s mother.
Everything’s changed for Katie. New home, new life, new friends ... and the mysterious Zillah ... When Katie first meets Zillah, she is pretty sure she hates her. Zillah is moody and bad-tempered and makes it plain she doesn’t want Katie for a friend. Well, that’s fine by Katie. Just because she is new to the small Cornish village, she’s not desperate.
But Katie is very curious. Why is Zillah so angry all the time? Why does she wear a dirty old diamond ring on a chain around her neck, and why does she think her family has a deep, dark secret ...?

‘This is a fantastic book about friendship and family; the first in a trilogy about Katie and Zillah. It keeps you gripped until the very last page.’
(The Times)

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