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Helen Dunmore
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Childrens books
Tara's Tree House
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Illustrated by Karin Littlewood
published in 2003,
by Yellow Go Bananas
ISBN 140520978X

Tara’s mother is in hospital and her father is away working on an oil rig, so she is sent to stay with Nan. Tara loves Nan, but she misses Mum and can’t believe that she’s going to have to stay away from home for weeks and weeks, until Mum is better. Nan lives in a flat in an old house with a big garden, but the garden belongs to Mr Barenstein and no-one else is allowed to use it. Tara begs Nan to let her play in the garden just once, but Nan tells her that Mr Barenstein is old and needs peace and quiet. But one day Tara creeps into the garden and meets Mr Barenstein, and after that everything begins to change ...

Tara’s Treehouse is a story about children away from home, and children in wartime. It is suitable for 7 - 10 year olds, and includes a factual section about the evacuation of children in Britain during the Second World War. Karin Littlewood’s illustrations glow with colour and imagination.

‘Many books written for reading schemes are bland and move so it is a rare treat to find a moving and effective story ... Helen Dunmore’s text is beautifully complemented by Karin Littlewood’s pictures, which cleverly use full colour to illustrate the recent and sepia to show flashback sequences.’

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