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Childrens books
Go Fox
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Illustrated by Colin Meir
published in 1996,
by Young Corgi Original
ISBN 055252963X

‘Keep going, Go Fox! You’ve got to make it! Go, go, go, Go Fox!’

Danny loves his new computer game, Go Fox. With Danny at the controls, Go Fox can escape the dreaded Spook Tree, swim the raging river and even dodge the jaws of the Green Snappers.
But one day even the computer screen can’t hold Go Fox back, and Danny’s in big trouble. Go Fox is always hungry, and bubble-gum and baked beans on toast just won’t do. He wants Danny to find melt-in-the-mouth chicken and tender rabbit ...

Can Danny keep Go Fox happy, and keep him a secret too - or will the adventure of the chase tempt Go Fox back into the world of the computer game?

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