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The Seal Cove
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(first published as The Zillah Rebellion)
published in 2004,
by Scholastic
ISBN 0439977681

Katie and Zillah are in their last year at the local primary school, and looking forward to moving on. But then they discover that the local education authority wants to close their school, and they could be the last children ever to go there. Some mysterious developers seem very interested in buying the school land and buildings.

Zillah and Katie get together with the other children in their class, and make a decision. They have brothers and sisters in the school, their parents went there, and the school is the centre of their community. They won't let it close, whatever it takes.

Talking and writing letters isn’t enough. The children have got to act if they want to save their school. The school rebellion starts small, but before long it seems as if the whole world is watching ...

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