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In the Money
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published in 1995, 2001
by Red Fox Definitions
ISBN 0099411873

‘It’s a game where you get what you want, as long as you don’t ask questions. Just like a fairy story. Shell keeps saying that. But I don’t like fairy stories. I never have.’

The Tiernan family is in the money all right. All of a sudden there is money everywhere: the flash new car; Cold Haven, their huge new house in the country; expensive computer games for Paul and a pony for his sister Shell. It’s a dream come true ...

... or perhaps the start of a nightmare. Mum and Dad won’t say exactly where all the money has come from. There are mysterious phone calls and visitors. And sometimes it seems to Paul that the money hasn’t made his parents happy at all. They seem tense ... even frightened ... but they won’t say why. And then Paul meets Sarah-Louise, and begins to find out what is really happening at Cold Haven.

for 9-14 years

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