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Helen Dunmore
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Go Fox / Extract
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‘Now, would there happen to be anything to eat?’ asked Go Fox.
‘Hmm,’ said Danny, thinking hard, ‘I’m not sure. What do you like?’
‘Oh, anything,’ said Go Fox, watching Danny with bright, greedy eyes, ‘anything. You know. A plump little rabbit or two. Or a chicken. Would you happen to have a chicken?’

‘Mum’s got a frozen one in the freezer,’ said Danny.
‘Frozen! Brrr!’ said Go Fox. ‘I don’t like the sound of that. Can’t we go and catch a fresh one?’
‘Well, no,’ aid Danny. ‘There aren’t any chickens round here, except in shops.’
‘And no rabbits?’

‘No. There’s only Mopsy next door. And you can’t have her.’
‘What a pity,’ said Go Fox, licking his whiskers. ‘What a shame. Mopsy, did you say? That’s a nice name. Perhaps I could meet her some time.’
‘I don’t think so,’ aid Danny firmly. ‘What about a cheese sandwich?’

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